Born into an age of words having meaning and power. Philly Black sound is a unique one, a smooth intellectual flow that erupts into a semi-automatic burst. Influenced by the legends of Hip-Hop from the 80's, 90's and early 00's. 

Philly Black explains growing up in a single parent home without a father figure to guide him was tuff although she did everything she could for us I still got busted on, picked at and teased cause I didn't have a father or the latest fashion. Although he had a ruff childhood he still appreciated everything his mother did. You can feel the love for his mother on the track Grateful " 5 kids, single mom yeah she did her best. Highest grades in this life yeah she passed your test" 

Just like many of the children living in poverty Philly Black turned to Hip-Hop to help him through life's ills. "Listening to the stories that many of my favorite rappers went through I was able to use those stories as lessons. Learning what to do and not to do, what to accept and not to accept in the world of men. Hip-Hop taught me self-worth and that I had the ability to write my own destiny."

Philly Black credits Hip-Hop for helping him avoid the pitfalls and traps setup to make him a statistic. He enlisted in the US Army served his term because a husband, father and volunteer youth coach/mentor and small business owner.

"My goal is to provide the youth with food for the soul. Letting them know that there's an alternative to the streets. Although street knowledge is good you still need the book smarts to survive and get ahead in this world no matter what."

On September 15, 2020 Philly Black released his latest LP titled On My Way. On My Way is about taking charge and making a change for a better self. 

Philly Black's music is like a breath of fresh air cruising down I-95. 

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