The Philly Black – On My Way Single (Review)

Check out this music review by for the new single,  ‘On My Way’ released by The Philly Black 

The Philly Black just announced the release of a brand new studio single, “On My Way.” The song shines a light on the vision, focus, and attitude presented by The Philly Black, and the creative possibilities are endless. 

This song takes hip-hop to the next level, incorporating a wide range of styles and attitudes. At times, the track’s flow might remind you of some undying old-school legends. However, this isn’t the only vibe here. In fact, “On My Way” feels fresh, with a modern outlook on production. 

Ultimately, The Philly Black makes music that blurs the lines between different ways to intend the sound and feel of rap, defying the average cliches. Creativity is the keyword here, and there is something special about the way this track unfolds, serving as an excellent introduction to The Philly Black’s work and vision. 

If you like gritty bears and soaring melodies, don’t pass up on this one. This song is about not letting people get you down – It’s about staying strong and keeping the hustle going, no matter what! 

Find out more about The Philly Black, and do not miss out on the artist’s brand new single release, “On My Way.” You can find the song on Soundcloud and elsewhere on the web. 


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